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Nomination and Application for Appointments to the URRC

The Minister Responsible for the Utility Rates Review Council (URRC) reviews nominations and applications of interested, qualified individuals to be appointed to the Utility Rates Review Council.

The URRC is an arms-length regulatory council of the Nunavut Territorial Government, operating under and administering through the URRC Act.

The Council is primarily responsible for the regulation of energy utilities in Nunavut to ensure that the rates charged for energy are fair, just and reasonable. It is also responsible for the oversight for utility operators to provide safe, adequate and secure services to their customers. The Council plays an important role in regulating rates and providing advice to the Minister Responsible for the Qulliq Energy Corporation. The Council makes recommendations on behalf of rate payers to the Minister.

Membership is for a three year term. Under the URRC Act, section 3 (4), no person employed in the public service may be appointed to or serve as a member of the Review Council. Positions are for “as and when” required. This is not part or full time employment. Those interested, will need the required free time to be able to participate in the work. As well, a member may be required to travel for several weeks at a time, several times a year but not on a regular basis. Remuneration is on a “per diem basis” as per the Nunavut Financial Administration Manual (FAM) Directive No: 810. Access to email for correspondences and a telephone for teleconferences is required.

The Council reviews applications from public utilities operating in Nunavut with regard to rates and rate structure. At this time the only utility is the Qulliq Energy Corporation. The Council also deals with such matters as long term debt, capital expenditures, and interim rates.

Council members are chosen for their knowledge, skills and experience. Council members must:

  • Have an extensive business and related background. Regulatory exeperience would be an asset.
  • Be able to commit the time and effort not only to attend public hearings but also to devote the time necessary to study and evaluate the matters brought before the Council.
  • Possess the qualifications which will make them effective and responsible members.
  • Adhere to the Nunavut conflict of interest guidelines.

For more information on the Council see Council Members
Please forward your resume by:
Mail: Nunavut Utility Rates Review Council
c/o Executive Director
P.O. Box 1000, Stn 200
Iqaluit, Nunavut
X0A 0H0

Or by email:

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